Halfway point

We woke up before the alarm this morning, and had an easy get-up.  Had a couple of snacks in the room, but then went back over to Tim's Mum's for a proper breakfast.  Hung out with her, his brother, and our nephews (and Stan!) for quite a while, then got on the road about midday.  Had another decent journey, and got home around mid-afternoon.

I was so tired when we got home, but decided to go out for a quick bike ride anyway - and it helped, I think.  Tim was doing a bit of maintenance on his bike, so it was easy to get mine out and I really had no excuse!  Instead of my loopy route around where we live, I decided to go as far as I could towards the park and then back again, in my current 21 minute ride limit.  Happily I made it to the viewpoint at the halfway point - and there was some lovely sunsetty light.

Cooked a big stir fry this evening, and attempted to catch up a bit more on my photos.  Slowly chipping away at the backlog!

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