Capital adventures

By marchmont

From the KL Tower

Swim and then a tourist day. I haven't been up the KL Tower (not the Twin Towers) since 2011 and there have been some changes. It was hot and slightly cloudy but this is a view to the west across to my temporary home in Mt Kiara. The 3 far tower blocks are up the hill from us. Behind that is the green of Bukit Kiara. In front of the tower blocks is more green space with a entrance gate and landscaped grounds. There is also a golden dome. This is the Istana Negara, royal palace. The green area to the left leads down to the Botanic Gardens.

After the tower we went to the mini zoo and then back to 163 Mall for a very late lunch. There was a huge thunderstorm with very heavy rain and lots of lightening. (Last evening's storm uprooted a frangipani beside the pool).

It was a slightly fraught evening. Gordon had been working, Wen Hui was tired with a sore eye and I did a few more accounts.

No swimming, a very overcast evening after the storm.

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