Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Man at work

It's quite a business creating a new slipway for a ferry business that keeps going all day, every day, and rarely lets the weather interfere with the service, but that's what's happening here: the new pier works at Hunter's Quay as Western Ferries affirms its role as the lifeline service for Dunoon. I was a tad slow getting out of the car to take this photo, so you'll have to look very carefully right in the middle, below the tall pile, to see the small figure in orange who is spreadeagled above the water as he uses whatever it is that makes interesting flames spurt out of the metal when you're building such things.

A day of so many different choices of photos, created by the simple need to attend the hospital across the water ( and be told, nicely, that I shouldn't get anything done). However, I thought this one made a change from my usual chocolate-box views - and I like the fact that I managed to capture a seagull or two - can you spot the second one?

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