Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Have you been cheating on me?

Or so he seemed to be saying, almost as if he knew I'd been "fraternizing" with Sefferdog's Tufted Titmice in Florida this past week.  

It has been a gloomy, cold day.  A rude awakening from the sunshine and balmy temps in Florida.  Snow in the forecast tonight/tomorrow although it's really anyone's guess as to how much will actually fall.  I spent some time outside snapping a few shots this afternoon, after a trip to the gym with Hubs.  The rest of the day has been spent editing photos from the FL trip. 

The NYC Parks Conservancy has asked me to supply some specific photos for their next newsletter, so tomorrow I need to go through my archives to see what I can give them.  Kind of neat to be on their "go-to" list of photographers.  Cornell has also contacted me about using another of my photos in their "bird of the day" calendar for 2020.  Very good for the ego.

Hoping to catch up on some of your journals tonight...


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