By DonnaWanna

Tiny Tuesday - Nailed It

This is a strange artwork that i made with J back in the late 80’s when he was about 7 or 8 years old because he loved to hammer nails into wood!! He was extremely hyperactive at that age but give him a box of nails and he would persist until every nail was nailed! :o)

The late afternoon was hitting it and throwing the shadow behind, it caught my eye.

I really miss him and i’m hoping he’s having a fabulous time on the boat and not missing anything!! :o)

In extra’s is the lovely end of the sunset tonight!

Big thanks to WRPerry for hosting ;o)x

I’m afraid i’ll have to try and catch up with you all tomorrow night as i’m falling asleep as we speak! It’s only taken 10 years but now the NBN has come to our street and they were right outside out building last night from 7pm to 7am!!!! We didnt get much sleep!!

There was a big team of people and also a couple of diggers, blowers and other loud equipment aargh!!

And guess what, they’ve just arrived again tonight!!!!d

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