My Little Condo

Snow is here to stay it seems. A perfect day for staying in and doing chores. Like the wash. And ordering stuff I need. And doing a blip. It was also a perfect day to take a walk in the woods during a lull in the snowing. So beautiful. Snow everywhere. As I walked through the park I heard the pitiful mewling of a cat. Then I saw him. Black and white with wonderful markings. And very friendly. l thought he was cold but he flipped on his back asking for a scritch. A very friendly cat. He followed me and than moved ahead as he turned off on a side trail. At first I thought he might be lost. But no. He was heading home. I turned and headed back to the main path and then he began to follow. Just then a couple came into view with two small dogs on leashes. I asked if they knew the cat. Yes. It was their's. A friendly fellow by the name of Ziggy. So I talked awhile and then bid them all farewell as I headed back to my cozy condo, a small house in a community of slightly larger houses, all officially condos. Inside I was warm and happy to have ventured out and to be home again. 

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