Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

The GOG and Victoria

Today, as it is our wedding anniversary we went to Cambridge taking Victoria with us. She is still using two crutches when outside, but manages to get about okay. We had coffee and looked around some shops before having lunch.
Today’s main picture shows my husband and Victoria with their main course, both had lamb shank; I had gluten free pasta. The extra shows their pudding, both had ice cream while I had the gluten free chocolate melt.

We did some more shopping before coming home. Overall and excellent day out for all concerned.

Update – Looking back over previous years it seems we do always celebrate our wedding anniversary in Cambridge although one year this was spent as Addenbrookes hospital. One year we took our grandson when he had an injured arm and had to go to Addenbrookes for treatment. He looks quite young in this picture, but he is now twenty-two! So sharing our wedding Anniversary with grandchildren is not unusual.

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