Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Boiling water

I set my alarm for 10am but when it went off I really couldn't be bothered to get up so I settled back to sleep for a while longer. I had intended heading for the coast today but it was too late by the time I got up - so I got the bus to Stanley instead. 

It was market day so the place was fairly busy.  I went to the charity shops and was pleased to find six lovely old bowls made by J & G Meakin. They date from the 1950s/60's. A bargain for only £1 for all six. See photo in Extras. Then I went to Asda and Iceland. 

Weather was mild today and quite bright.

The Abstract Thursday challenge today is WATER.  As Stanley isn't by the coast or near a river I had to look indoors for my blip shot. I took a photo of my clear glass kettle when the water was boiling.  Then I used Deep Art Effects on my phone.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Steps today - 9,031

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