Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

From the sublime to the ridiculous decide!

A lovely morning in Portsmouth, blipping everything that moved (and some things that didn't!)  I bought an annual pass to the Historic Shipyard as I have an idea for a series of pics, and with it I visited Victory  for the first time since the kids were small.  What a wonderfully immersive piece of history it is.  I also blipped the small boats in the Harbour, the birds, a few of the people and a few of the details.

This little boat with its blue plastic chair amused me - a very unlikely nautical workhorse, wouldn't you say?  So I thought I'd enter it for this week's DerelictSunday, hosted by Marlieske (thank you, M).

And in Extras is a shot from the quarterdeck of HMS Victory (the oldest ship still in commission with the British Navy) looking across to the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier (the newest ship in commission with the British Navy).  One of the guides told me that the amount it cost to build Victory would, in today's money, be almost the same as the £1.4 billion price tag on the QE.  Mind boggling!

Have a happy weekend, all  xx

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