Crocuses in Morning Sun

An early start with Len dropping me off at Loughborough Hospital for an ultrasound scan of my heart. Some weird and wonderful noises but the technician said that broadly she could see nothing wrong and my heart was in good shape. Which was cheering news.

She had a South African accent so I asked her where she was from in South Africa, to which she replied, 'Cape Town.' I told her I'd got married there in 1973, which was the point when she finally smiled. It's lovely there, she said. I agreed. Especially as it was Spring in the southern hemisphere.

A little later, on the way to the bus stop, Basil and I passed these crocuses in the jitty. Very cheering. We also saw them in the afternoon, on our way back, but by then they had closed up as it had become cloudy.

My hair is now neat and tidy and blow dried. Prawns in garlic and ginger tonight, with an Icelandic murder to solve on BBC 4. Same cast as were in the first series around 2-3 years ago. Love watching the Icelandic landscape.

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