My new box

When I bought this bike in 2017 I had a backrest fitted for a pillion passenger. It was good when I used to pick up Lennon from school and I've had a couple of other pillions but few and very far between.
Decided that it would be much more useful to have a top box so looked around.
Most were between £200 and £400 so thought better of it, very expensive for a plastic box!
I kept looking and found this one at Ryde Store
It's strong, it looks great and quite well matches my bike, and it's BIG. Holds two full face helmets very easily (48L capacity), and it was £29.95 plus nearly £5.00 postage.
Locks and is very easy to remove from the bottom plate when the lid is unlocked, otherwise it's solidly fixed to the plate.

Had a bit of fiddle fitting it as the holes in the bottom plate didn't match the holes in my luggage rack but a bit of burning plastic with a very hot soldering iron soon sorted that out! The bottom plate is a grid so couldn't just drill through to make new holes.

I'm really pleased with it and means less stuff to ratchet strap to the back when I'm off camping.

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