Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A lazy day

Thomas arrived late last night, just a little before midnight. The poor boy had been travelling for nearly 11 hours to get here! I had made a chilli for supper which was good as he was very hungry. He loved his choir tour and was full of stories about the beautiful places he sang in and the fun they had - and to think he nearly did not go as he thought it would be 'lame' but was finally convinced to go by the choir master as they desperately needed bass voices.

I was up early to see Gavin off who went skiing by himself - Thomas slept in and after a late breakfast I wandered down to the village to take a few photos and meet my friend for coffee. We sat having coffees and chatting until Gavin arrived at about lunch time.

I have had a very lazy day not skiing, but it was rather nice to have a day off, and I will ski again tomorrow. Gavin is a much better skier than I am so today, not being encumbered with me, he had the opportunity to do all the black runs that I don't like doing.

I took this photo when wandering through the village and thought the reflections in the water looked good. I have added an extra of the frozen river up the valley - can you see the cross country skier going along the track?

Tonight we are going to some other friends for drinks before we have supper. As we have been coming here for over 15 years now we have got to know quite a few other English families who also holiday here, so it's nice to meet up with them when we are here.

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