Paper and Pencil

While in Umeå we were staying with Claire, who always has building projects on the go. As we talked about our relative minor projects we got a lot of help from her knowledge. One of her gems was that we would need permission from the local council to fit our wood-burning stove. This isn't quite planning permission as no exterior changes are being made but it is a way of ensuring  that all stoves are suitable and produce maximum heat for minimum environmental problems.
We could apply via the web, but one feature required was a plan of the house showing where the stove is being placed.  If you buy a house these days a plan is always included but we've lived here so long that there was no real plan.
I figured it couldn't be that difficult to do a plan, and the council provided some examples, so I went into action with a 2 metre rule, pencil and paper.  A few hours later this was the result - a plan of the ground floor of our house.
I'm sure there's an app or a program that will draw it all on the phone or in the computer but I actually enjoyed using paper, pencil, and ruler!  Maybe I'll try the modern stuff to do the upstairs and the cellar...

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