A Primitive Love!

I have always loved fires. When I was a small child at home we had coal fires to poke. At an amazingly young age, by today's standards, I "played out" a lot with my friends, which meant we roamed the local wild places and if anyone had managed to grab a box of matches we made fires. Cubs and scouts had cooking fires and campfires, and my caving club had a dodgy woodburning stove to keep us warm.
I was never alone in my love of fires. Jan and I still have to agree whose fire it is when we have one, otherwise we start to argue, and our visitors also seem to like a fire.
Here, we are out at Klubbsjön, admiring the ice on the lake (see extra of D walking on a frozen lake for the first time in her life!) and lighting a fire to keep us warm as we drink our hot blackcurrant juice and eat our sandwich.
Jan and her brother are enthusiastically fanning the fire, creating a very satisfying cloud of sparks.
Fire - how many generations of humans have loved sitting around a fire in the darkness?!
(Backblip - today's picture is here.)

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