By loisbiz

It is All about the Eyes

I was focusing on the Western Grebe so the Female Lesser Scaup is not in good focus......but you can see her yellow eye. Wow, the Grebe's red eye is amazing.

We arrived at 8AM in San Francisco.....so that required a 4:30 AM pickup by Uber for the Portland Airport.....I actually don't think I got a wink of sleep. We had planned a full day of exploring today.....but we drove directly to our hotel on the bay to see if we could check in early. They said, "yes" our room was ready....so we were in our room by 9AM. Breakfast was still be served in the Executive Guest Room.....awesome... we got coffee and a nice breakfast. Then back to our room....oh that bed looked good......so we took a nap at 10AM until Noon!!! But then we were ready for a long walk on the Bay Walk Trail .....it was a beautiful sunny day with bright blue skies......it was pleasantly cool.....the planes were regularly taking off and landing at SF Airport......and birds were plentiful. We enjoyed a small cafe close by that was highly recommended on Yelp; it served everything lobster.....Yummy.....I had a fully loaded lobster taco and lobster/corn chowder.....they were both delicious.....loaded with fresh cracked lobster meat. We were there at happy hour....so even a good deal for dinner.....not cheap....but reasonable for what we got.

 I only brought my old Cannon camera because I can take action shots with it and we came down here to support our grandson who is playing  a LaCrosse game  tomorrow. I feel sorry for the team; they are coming by bus from the LA area.....I think it is a 7 hours trip....they get in by 11 PM....I am planning on being asleep by then. But we are excited to see him tomorrow His brother, Mom & Sister are coming by plane tomorrow too.  I am hoping to take photos of him while playing. BUT LaCrosse is such a fast sport.....I hope I can get at least few good photos. I will let you know tomorrow. 

Finally I am Blipping a current photo.....no longer back Blipping my shots. But if you want to see yesterdays....you can see it now since I just posted it today also.

I hope all of you enjoy your weekend. 

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