An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

My world... a snap.

This wasn't meant to be my blip shot today.  I already had my blip prepared and ready to upload when I passed Alan's sitting room on my way to the loo and saw these three, thick as thieves.  I  couldn't resist taking a quick snap on my phone.  Only Alan realised I was there as we made eye contact for a brief second and I was awarded one of his mega watt smiles then his attention went back to his dad.

I still hadn't intended this to be my blip but when I got back to my laptop a mere five minutes later, there was a message from my friend M down south with the devastating news that her eldest son has committed suicide.  He was only 28 years old.  

I cannot begin to comprehend the shock, the pain and the suffering she, his brother and sister and his dad are going through.  How one continues to function after such a loss I don't know.  It made me look at my casual little phone pic of my boy in a whole new light and take note of how thankful I am for every second we are in each other's lives.

Hug your loved ones close tonight and spare a thought and a prayer for a young man who couldn't face another day in this world, and his devastated family, especially his mum who's been his champion since the day he was born.   She goes to bed tonight knowing she will never hug him or hear his voice again and my heart breaks for her.  

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