A different drone

I was out of the house in the early hours this morning, well, 8.30 anyway, to meet my friend Phil up at McCaig's Tower. 

Our local business company, BID4Oban, wants to raise money to seriously upgrade the garden inside the Tower, which at present consists of muddy, infrequently cut grass, scruffy, commonplace and regularly hacked shrubs and many weeds, particulary huge, arching brambles. I've become involved in suggesting a revamp of the garden, to bring it up to the standard expected of a seaside tourist town in a mild climate.

I asked a friend who is a 'quailfied drone pilot' to take some vertical  photographs from which I could draw fairly accurate plans, so I met him there this morning. Everything was in place - all his details, insurance etc, lodged with the owners, ie the local council, and somebody at the entrance to explain to visitors what we were doing and asking them to be patient for a few minutes. The only missing person was the council official who promised to attend. 

Mischa the tabby cat, who spends most of her time there, was totally unfazed by the flying drone! The drones she is probably more used to are the bagpipe drones of the Oban High School Pipe Band, who play here regularly during the summer. This one, however, was almost silent.

The idea is to improve the entrance, reached by a flight of steps, currently lined with ugly shrubs and conifers chopped back to brown wood. The interior will have to wait until next year. This, of course, will depend on the money being made available by the Oban Common Good Fund, which we hope will be forthcoming.

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