Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Mono Monday - Down to the Wire

I couldn't have chosen a better theme for today.  I managed to let the day get away from me and suddenly realized it was nearly 4 PM.  The winds are howling outside so shooting a bird was out of the question.  And then...I thought I'd check to see what Laurie54 had in store for us for today's MonoMonday Challenge.  So, since I was, indeed, down to the wire, I pulled out an old earring, put it on a mirror in my soft box, set up in front of a window for natural light, shot three images at different focal points, stacked 'em, and ....boom!  Blip.

I like these older earring hooks with the twist at the top but had never considered shooting one before.  Kind of a fun experiment.  Unfortunately, because I didn't wear earrings for several months (no reason, just didn't) the holes in my ears have closed.  So now I have the daunting prospect of getting my ears re-pierced.  And I am being a bit of a weenie about.  But I have some earrings I really love and am not ready to give them up so, one of these days...

The winds picked up last night and for much of the day we've wicked gusts, some over 50 miles per hour.  Supposed to subside overnight.  Along with the winds are temps below freezing, so the fireplace is getting a good workout today.  Speaking of... Hubs and I also got a good workout at noon today.

My week got off to a perfect start with a nice, long chat with my mom and dad this morning.  They are still in Arizona, enjoying the warmth.  And I am envious...


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