Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Money Laundry Day

Honestly, you turn your back on the Tinies for a day or two and you simply don't know what you'll find.  I discovered them in my soft box with stacks of coins, laundering money, of course.  The little rascals.

Tech details:  10 images, stacked in Photoshop, slight crop, minor adjustments in LR.  Tripod and macro lens on the D600 body (which has about 250,000 clicks on it but still performs like a champ).

Three miles on the treadmill today while watching something on HULU.  

Weather:  cold and windy, not fit for man nor beast.

Thanks so much to wrperry for hosting TinyTuesday this month, and to Hanulli for hosting TiPS!


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