Capital adventures

By marchmont

Hoi An

The guide effectively says Hoi An is a money pit. It is also Iike Louang Prabang on speed.

After a rubbish night's sleep, not helped by my annoyance at leaving my faithful water bottle and clip in Ha Noi airport (lack of attention caused by listening to audiobook, realised too late as we were boarding) I had breakfast by the pool. This is a homestay and the people are lovely.

Walked around the town admiring lanterns, avoiding bikes and tourists and people asking me to buy. I did buy a new water bottle in the market - 70p. This town is famous for lanterns and tailors. I have ordered clothes. I hope I haven't been done.

You buy a ticket for the Old Town which lets you visit 5 attractions. In one, which of course double as a ship selling embroidered pictures (hand sewn - see extra) clothes and cushions, I got chatting to 3 young people from Paris and Zurich. The usual fascination about me travelling on my own and that I don't have a very Scottish accent. But I did my bit too promote Edimburgh and the Festival.

Another walk via the bank to make me a Dong millionaire. I probably have too many now. After a swim break in the pool I had dinner at 'Streets', another social enterprise training restaurant. Very good.

And it's back to the warmth, 30 deg.

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