By iaint


Is it only Tuesday?

I’ve been trying to find a way forward for a community group blighted by incompetent (maybe worse) management. The rest of the community have had enough, but those willing to take over running it need to know what they will be taking on. Maybe I’ll have a lightbulb moment tomorrow. 

Our trainee Spin Doctor needed some support and guidance today. As a journalism student until recently, she has visions of Woodward and Bernstein (Watergate journalists, for the benefit of you younger Blippers). The blood and guts attitude she needs so she can deal with our local newspaper will have to be coached into her. Lesson 1 was today. 

She didn’t burst into tears, so I reckon it went OK. 

Tomorrow should be better, and even if it isn’t, Thursday is salary day. 

Lunch produced the regular Blip of the College across the street. Spring has arrived early, that’s for sure.

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