Around The House II

I was out the entire day (details below) so decided to put up the second in the series of my dear mother's creativeness. The jade plant came from her house as did the cabinet on which it sits.  She has a penchant for decorating with artificial flowers.  The owl is left over from our Autumn decorations. It originally sat on the ledge of the front window.  Now I can't seem to get her to agree that it should be stored.  Kinda goes with the ceramic pumpkin we still have on the table outside the front door.

So my day was awful.  I saw the orthopedic doctor to check on my ankle.  What she didn't tell me last month was that the fracture in x-ray she took then was obscured by another bone.  At the time she added an extra wrap to be worn inside of the boot for added stability.  Today she informed me that other than doing MRIs the only way to assess the healing was by clinical examination.  Frankly, it still hurts like hell but I've been trying not to complain.

Since it's been two months, she has decided that I should gradually transition from the boot to an air cast and begin physical therapy.  The clinic brace shop did not have the air cast in my size.  That means in the morning I have to go to a medical supply place to get it.  I'm hoping that my insurance will cover it.  The good news is that the company is right next to the PT center.  I guess that's my rainbow for the day.  I'll just leave it at that.

This  helped on the way home while I was stuck in rush hour traffic.   
Q: Why did Beethoven get rid of all of his chickens?
A: All they said was "Bach, Bach, Bach..."

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