Fairy Duster

According to the local paper, I should have seen my Fairy Duster plant blooming about a month ago. It’s a very young plant, though, so I’m going to attribute its late blooming to that.

It’s a favorite of hummingbirds but I planted it the wrong spot, out of my view from the patio. I’ll work on getting a decent angle.
Migration has already started for some birds; I spotted a female Hooded oriole this morning. Time to double up on my nectar feeders and fruit! Yay!

The day began with the trainer. He really gives me a good hour-long workout. It’s mostly strength training and even after just a few sessions I can tell a difference in some of the things I wasn’t able to do to being able to do them.

Afterward I had an appointment with my pulmonologist in the city to monitor my asthma. There was a significant drop (68%-55%) in my expected lung capacity based on my age and height. That was a bummer. Chest x-ray and 3-month follow up instead of my usual six.

For hours over the last couple of days I have been trying to fix my printer. It will print color but not black. I finally gave up and ordered a new one. There was an HP sale at Office Depot. With my rewards points I saved even more. So a printer with an MSRP of over $200 I got for $50!

Have a good weekend, my friends, and enjoy Leap Day!

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