Bypass Surgery

My garage is still a disaster area. This mold remediation journey began on 5 February. Here we are, the last day of the month, and things look like this.

They should have been able to finish today but one of the boneheads shot a nail into the copper pipe which is inside of the wall. I spent all day without water. They’re paying for the plumbers. This is their handiwork. The section of copper pipe they cut out left a gap too small to hook a replacement between it. They came up with this ridiculous solution. It’s like driving around the block when all you needed to do was cross the street.

I did let my insurance company know that the pipe was damaged. Heaven forbid that this rigged thing ruptures. It’s guaranteed for two years which isn’t very reassuring.
Hopefully, Monday will be the day I can finally get back into the garage.

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