Pinch Punch first of the month

Had a lovely day of leave today

Day started with a much needed haircut so it’s now “healthy looking” and a couple of inches shorter. It was a pretty quick haircut (45 mins) considering how pricey it was but she did a great job and I won’t need it done again for ages

After my hair cut I treated myself to a salt back scrub and massage, I’ve not seen the beauty therapist at the hair salon for a few months but she made me completely chill and I felt great afterwards with a much less knotted right shoulder. Good use of time!

Lunch at Yo Sushi was my chosen treat. Pumpkin Katsui (on its own), veggie noodles, chilli pepper squid, salmon slices and lashings of ginger.

Had a quick nosy around the shops and then bought a ticket for the Euromillions only because so many people were talking about it in the shops today (don’t know what they were saying, just heard the word lotto and Euromillions) so I buckled!

My only job this eve is to give the fridge a good clean out before Mr H arrives back from Ireland with a load of food and some half eaten food (he noted that the food over there in Tesco and Aldi appears to be really expensive so he won’t want to throw any away).

The rest of the evening will involve a manicure, Gogglebox and if I’m still alert The Last Leg. . . Chill. . .

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