By PaulShelley

Locked In

We had a ride up to the airfield today. Our destination was one of the two cafes up there. But the first one was shut so on we went to the second one right over on the other side of the runways. There's a back gate which lets us onto a lane for the return trip but its usually locked. Never mind, the cafe has a key and will open the gate for us. 

However things have changed and the council has gone and fitted its own giant padlock and has kept the key. For security apparently. So after tea and eggs on toast it was a ride all the way back across the airfield. This chap isn't bothered because he had his Ferrari parked outside so he can beat a hasty retreat back across to the entrance.

Back home and all cleaned up, including the bike, 'cos its muddy in the forest. Photo club tonight and its the last round of the annual competition. I shall be interested to hear what the judge has to say about my pictures. The more I look at them the more average they appear to me.

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