After yesterdays excitement I had a very quiet lazy day at home today.  Weather was nasty - rainy, cold and very windy - so I wasn't even tempted to go outdoors.

The washing up had piled up over the last few days and I couldn't be bothered to do it so that was one chore I got on with today.  And I did some ironing.

Then I unpacked my new microwave.  It came yesterday when I was out and the folks at number 6 took it in.  I collected it last evening - I was nearly on my knees carrying it from their house to mine.  My old microwave still works OK but its starting to get a bit rusty around the door.  I've had it for about 18 years so it has given good service.

I decided the new microwave should go in a different place to the old one so I spent some time re-organising my kitchen worktops.

As usual I had trouble understanding the instructions for my new product.  Setting the clock took a bit of thought - but I got there in the end.  Hopefully when I come to try and cook/reheat something in it all will go swimmingly.

I got the microwave using the points I had accumulated for scanning my shopping.  I am a member of The Nielsen Panel which is made up of people who scan their household purchases.  Our opinions and behaviour help manufacturers and retailers decide on what products they will develop or improve. At the end of each week you earn points for doing the scanning.  If you do a whole month of scanning you get extra points.  And if you are asked to take photos of a certain product you have bought and send the photos to them - more extra points. It is time consuming having to scan every single thing you purchase but the points do mount up.  Its a while since I redeemed any points and when I started looking in their online rewards catalogue last week I found I had enough points to get a microwave ( worth £90 ), a Le Creuset Non-Stick 12 Cup Muffin Tray ( worth £27) and a Le Creuset Non -Stick  Rectangular Baking Sheet ( worth £32).  The Le Crueset stuff arrived a couple of days ago and has already been used.

I recorded Dancing on Ice so I could watch it after I had finished my chores.  However I made the mistake of checking Facebook before I watched it.  My friend Jan had made a comment about who won the show. Can't be helped.  I should have kept away from social media shouldn't I. Oh well - at least my favourite won.  Of course I still watched even though I knew the result beforehand.

*** Just in case you missed it Shaaamie blipped me yesterday.  If you want to take a look I'm  HERE

Steps today - a measly 3,536

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