Fitness class this afternoon as usual. It was in the small hall but there were only 15 there today so it wasn't too crowded. Then to the bank and Tesco.  Weather was cold and dull but at least it was dry.

Sorted out the washing and did a few other chores.

By this time the heating should have come on - but it hadn't.  Checked the boiler.  No Fault code was showing up on the dial.  Pressure was OK. Timer was set so that heating should be on.  Thermostat showed that heating needed to be on ... but boiler wasn't doing its stuff.  Tried the hot water - that was Ok.   So it was a mystery to me as to what was wrong. As it was now time to go out to Slimming Club to save time I decided to message my usual plumber instead of phoning him.

Just before I left the house for Slimming Club I checked to see where Tino and Lily were.  I always do this before leaving the house in case one of them has got locked in a bedroom or the utility room. Just for peace of mind really.  Found Lily straight away in the bathroom  but finding Tino proved impossible.  I looked in all the usual places - all the different beds and boxes around the house - no Tino. He wasn't in the utility room or garage.  He is in the habit of hiding from me then jumping out when I least expect him to ( crazy cat ) so I wandered around calling his name and waiting for him to do just that.  Didn't happen.  I was getting worried by now.  Checked under the sofa and silly places where I didn't really expect him to be - and he wasn't.  By this time I was late for Slimming so I decided just to head off. 

So as I hurried down to the village I was worrying about the heating and worrying about Tino.  I wondered if somehow he had got out of the house.  I really didn't think that was possible though as I hadn't opened any of the outside doors since I got back earlier and he had been around since then - getting under my feet as usual. So after I got weighed I came straight home instead of staying to " Image Therapy".  To add to my woes I put on 2.5 pounds this week.

As soon as I got home I started looking for Tino.  Took around one minute to find him - in his favourite bed totally oblivious to the anxiety he had caused.  Photo in Extras.  So that was one less thing to worry about.

I got a message back from my plumber.  He is away on holiday at the moment - not due back till Sunday.  However he sent some instructions for me to check what the fault might be.  He thought it might be a signalling fault... the timer wasn't telling the heating to come on.  So I did what he said --- and it worked. For a while ... and then it went off again.  So I did the same again and it came on again -- and so far its still working. ( However I keep expecting it to go off again. ) My plumber did give me details of another plumber to contact if I need to so at least I have someone to call on if needs be.

So what to blip for Mono Monday - the theme word today is " deliberate".  Well at the moment I am deliberating on where to go on holiday.  I have nothing planned for this year yet.  I think I might take some short breaks in the UK - either under my own steam staying in a hotel or Airbnb  - or on an organised coach tour.  No idea where to go yet but I have a few ideas.  On my list of possibilities are ....  Scarborough, Harrogate, Leeds, Manchester, Belfast ( Titanic Exhibition ), The Giants Causeway and  The Kelpies.  So now and again the brochures come out and I have a look through.  One of these days I might actually book something. Thanks to ApolloFly for hosting

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