Had a disturbed night sleep. Got up a few times, pottered about, read the Radio Times, had a Whatsapp conversation with Becky and went back to bed.  So I have felt rather weary today.  I stirred myself to go out at around 4pm.  Got the bus to Dunston to go to Aldi.

Before going into the shop I took a little walk along the path behind the store.  Its a nice country path which leads to the river. (  I thinks its actually called The Teams Cycleway.)

First of all I came across a discarded TV part.  Further along another part of the same TV.  Then a computer monitor. Then a shopping trolley.  Then a tyre.  Finally a piece of white flexible hose.  Its a shame to see all this mess in such a lovely place.  Fly tippers are a menace.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting the derelict challenge.

Musical link JUNK by Bronski Beat 

Aldi wasn't very busy and the shelves were well stocked - apart from hand wash and hand sanitiser....none of that left at all.  Plenty of toilet rolls though.

The weather today was bright, dry and sunny at times but quite cold and very windy.

Steps today -6,147

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