Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Neil asked if today was OK for our walk and I said yes. ( hes doing a long run tomorrow so he's keeping that day free ). He was late arriving as he had to wait in for a parcel.  When he got here he spent a bit of time sorting out my old mobile phone .... putting his own SIM in etc. It all worked fine.  By the time he had done that it was around 2,55pm when we left the house.  And it was raining.  And it rained the whole time we were out.  But we just got on with it.  We walked up the hill to Sunniside. Then back around to the Co-op.  Neil got the bus home and I popped into the shop. The walk was around 3½  miles. Extra shows Neil on his " new " phone.  Processed using sketch mode.

I took some photos on my phone to add to my Strava feed.  For my blip I used my proper camera to take a shot of one of the  phone photos.  I thought this might fit in with the Wide Wednesday theme which is Different Point of View High or Low . I took the phone shot whilst crouching down near the ground so I could get a good shot of the muddy footprints.  Thanks to RSD Photography for hosting.  As you can see my route home through the allotments was very muddy today.

Musical link -  Tiger Feet by MUD

When I got home I was cold and wet so I just relaxed for a while and watched TV.  Had some trout for my tea which I had bought at the Co-op. Its the only place locally I can get trout.

Steps today - 12,116

CORONA CLASSIC -The Hippopotamus Song sung by Bryn Terfel

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