Building Sn3 and N Worlds

By Stationmaster

Majestic Hardware finished and in place

Today I finished the scenery around the hardware and feed store, added a couple of figures, and some "stuff".  Some of the details included with  the kit were just too small (HO scale) and many will find a home on the N layout. Maybe a crate on the dock with a piano  in it? 

As I blipped before, my Dad loved hardware stores.  A trip every Saturday morning - like going to church.  Like Home Depot now - which a relative calls "the men's museum".  That is Dad talking to a customer with our dog Terry beside him.  I added lots of "sit arounds" - barrels, trash cans, and bags of feed from my Extra Stuff Box.  Everything eventually finds a home.

The vehicle is also a kit.  Cast in pewter in Australia.  I think it is a 1949 Studebaker flatbed truck.   A really nice little kit I picked up at a train show many years ago out of a sale box.  Fabricating and installing a windshield was trying.  But it is in.

The extra is a longer short of the whole scene.  A few more trees from the tree machine.  They are not as good as the McKensie brothers make, but they will do.

On to the next S kit - an RGS Freight House.    

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