A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Arriving ...

in Gozo.

Yes we only landed here yesterday but it was such a lovely morning we decided to head off to the neighbouring island of Gozo.

We watched the sun rise across the harbour and had a cuppa and breakfast on our little balcony and then we were off to the bus station before 9.0Oam. The bus (€1.50) took us to the northern most part of the island and Mellheia Bay where a 45 minute ferry takes you across the channel between the two islands and passes the tiny, uninhabited island of Comino.

Another bus took us in a round about way to the capital Victoria or Rabat as the locals still call it. In the centre of the island it is topped by a magnificent citadel. The buildings here are made of a golden limestone which almost glows in the sun. It can make for slippery pavements though, especially if they are down hill.

Before heading into the citadel we bought a couple of Maltese snacks which are a speciality. They are sold from ‘Hole in the Wall’ shops, fresh and hot. Our spot host described them as cheese and pea cakes but savoury. They are in fact pasties. Crisp flaky pastry containing ricotta cheese and parsley or - mushy peas and onion! Who’d have thought. They are called Pastizzi and they are delicious. The Pastizzileria are everywhere and people buy them on their way to work for breakfast or just an anytime snack.

We had a drink in the citadel and then walked around the walls. The views were to the sea on all sides with lots of hilltop towns dotted around each topped with their own church towers or domes.

A long journey back but all worth it for a lovely day out.

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