Took codeine last night and slept quite well.  When I woke up this morning I felt a bit better.

Becky phoned.  She's on her own at the moment as yesterday Mike travelled  to Nairobi, Kenya for work.  He and his 2 colleagues had a free day today so they were up very early  to visit Nairobi National Park, a giraffe centre  and an elephant orphanage.  Becky did a ParkRun yesterday and was first lady home - again.  She's in training for the London Marathon and has clocked up 50 miles this week. We talked for around an hour.  Great to hear from here as we usually communicate via WhatsApp.

In the afternoon the pain in my side/back was really bad again so I decided to call 111. The lady asked loads of questions and decided I needed to be seen by a doctor within 2 hrs.  So she made an appointment for me at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital for 3.40pm.  There's only one bus to this hospital which passes through my village  and on Sundays it only runs once an hour. The next one wouldn't get me there in time for the appointment so I had to get a taxi (£12).

When I got to the hospital I booked in.  Turns out I was seeing a GP.  I went through what was wrong.  He checked my BP - it was a bit high.  Pulse and temp were OK.  Urine - bit of blood and protein in there.  The results of some other urine tests will be sent to my own doctor.  He had the results from 2 of the blood tests from Friday - they were OK. ( the other 2 results should come through tomorrow ). He examined me.  He didn't know what was causing the pain. So he said to keep taking codeine and to go back and see my own GP who may want to send me for a scan.  So it seems like I'm being passed from GP to GP without too much of an attempt so far to find out the real cause of the pain. I already have an appointment with my own GP on Tuesday - for something else.  So when I see her then I will ask about getting a scan as that seems to be the only way of finding out whats going on.

When I came out of the hospital my bus was due so I just caught that and walked up from the village. Luckily the rain had stopped and the weather was quite pleasant - it was even sunny.

So for a quick blip shot I took a photo of the sunset from my bedroom window. 

Steps today - 5,644

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