Wa:K Pow Wow Day 2

It's been a fun weekend.  Yesterday, I concentrated on the children at this Native American Pow Wow so today I tried to focus on the adults.  Again, the grounds were packed by the time I got there and I had to take photos from the periphery.  The blip is a couple I struck up a conversation with who traveled from Montana for the festivities. I posted four extras, too.  The last was a drummer and chant leader.  The one thing you realize wherever you are on the grounds is that the drums are LOUD.

I'm not much of a celebrator of St. Patrick's Day (in 2 days we celebrate St. Joseph)  but it is on this date that I do celebrate my anniversary of stepping foot permanently in Arizona.  It's been 12 years living in the Sonoran desert.  I can't believe it.  To the one person from my past who reads my journal, does it really feel that long?

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