I found this shell on the lawn in the back garden when I went out there this morning to feed the birds.  Thought it might do for Tiny Tuesday.  Thanks to  dbifulco for hosting.

When I woke up this morning the pain wasn't too bad and I was cautiously optimistic that I might be on the mend.  Turns out I was being too optimistic as the pain returned later worse than ever.

I had an appointment with my own GP this afternoon.  She had the results of the blood tests from Friday.  Liver - OK.  Kidneys - OK. Pancreas - OK. I haven't got diabetes or leukemia - or some other things which I have forgotten. Urine tests didn't show up anything bad either.  So that was all very positive.  The doctor thought the pain might be due to " sludge in my bile duct".  So she is arranging for me to have a scan. I will get a letter in the post.  More waiting.  Meanwhile I keep taking codeine ( and laxatives)

After seeing the doctor I headed for Tesco for a bit of shopping.  I bumped into a lady ( also called Dorothy ) who used to go to my Slimming Group.  We always sat next to each other.  She stopped coming to group a couple of years ago after her husband died unexpectedly.  It was lovely to see her today and have a catch up.  She has put on a lot of weight and is thinking of coming back to Slimming Group.  She was pleased to hear that I still go to group so that if she returns at least she will know somebody.  I hope she does decide to come back as she needs to lose weight after recently being diagnosed as diabetic.

When I got back home the pain was really bad so I took codeine and sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle and just took it easy.  I had a recipe ready to make something for my tea but in the end I couldn't be bothered to start chopping veg etc so I just opened a tin of soup.

Steps today - 8,144

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