Slept late and then just mooched about the house.  Needed some fresh air so around 4pm I walked down to the village. I assumed it would be quiet then - and it was. Only saw a couple of dog walkers on the way down.  Popped into Herons for some Diet Cola and Rennies ( all the junk food  I have eaten in the last couple of days has given me indigestion.  My body isn't used to it I guess)  There were no other customers in there.  Walked home and saw no-one on the way. 

Gemma my Slimming World Consultant phoned soon after I got back.  Good job too as I needed a motivational talk to get me back on track.  As Group is now cancelled for the foreseeable future she is going to have a " virtual weigh in " on Mondays at 5.30pm.  Good idea as  the prospect of having to get weighed and the weight being officially noted will hopefully spur me to get back " on plan " again.

Neil is feeling much better today.  I think he was just over tired with all the running he has been doing.  Hope he will take the opportunity to chill out and relax for a bit.  But knowing Neil I doubt it.

Two notes were pushed through my door today.  One from a village group which has been set up to offer help to anyone who needs it during this crisis.  My contact is Angela who lives opposite me.  The other note was from Alan my neighbour at Number 7  who has set up a WhatsApp Group for my street so that we can all keep in touch with each other in the event of any of us being isolated. The community spirit round here is wonderful.  

The Abstract Thursday theme is patterns.  I took a shot of a nut, seed  and chocolate bar I ate this afternoon. Did a bit of processing in Picasa. Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting

Musical link -  Everybody Loves a  NUT by Johnny Cash  (Its a fun track to keep up your spirits)

Steps today - 7,071

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