Morrisons as usual this morning for the big weekly shop.  It was much busier than usual.  A lot of shelves were empty.  Plenty of fruit and veg.  Barely any chicken or meat.  No pasta, or toilet rolls ... or fresh milk.  Plenty of long-life milk though. Tinned vegetables were disappearing fast.  Apart from chicken and minced beef I was able to get most of what I wanted or I got substitutes.  They didn't have Tino and Lily's favourite cat food so I did an online order with PetPlanet.

After unpacking the shopping and putting it away I sat on the sofa to have a late breakfast.  I had a list of jobs to get on with afterwards but that list didn't even get started.  Because ... I fell asleep on the sofa for FIVE hours.  What a way to waste a day. 

Neil has been in touch. He got sent home from work as he had a fever.  No sore throat or cough so hopefully he hasn't got the dreaded coronavirus.  Fingers crossed.  He has been told to stay at home for at least a week, He will be stir- crazy by tomorrow I think as he loves being outdoors running etc.

Now that I know I won't be getting weighed at Slimming Club on Monday ( cancelled until further notice ) I have already fallen into bad habits.  Chocolate has been eaten - and enjoyed. 

Musical link  Every 1's a winner - by Hot CHOCOLATE

Steps today - 4,316

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