A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Such a different day today, it’s been blowing a hoolie! Good job we went on the water yesterday, no way we would have gone today in fact I doubt they were running.

We took the bus to the south of the island to the fishing port of Marsaxlokk. I particularly wanted to see the traditional fishing boats or Luzzu sporting the Eye of Osiris which I mistakenly referred to yesterday. The eyes are supposed ward against evil. There are lots of them here though I have seen the odd one elsewhere.
We had a coffee and a stroll along the harbour front. It’s a big bay but unfortunately at the entrance at either side there is a lot of industry. (It has to go somewhere)

Back in Valetta it was very busy, we’ve only been in the main streets either early morning or evening but at lunch time it was packed ( another cruise in, apparently 4 a day in summer) We went to the market food hall for lunch and then did a bit of shopping for supplies.

After walking between 4 and 5 miles yesterday ( not that much) I was absolutely exhausted. I coughed through the night which was most painful and I had thought it was getting better. We had a walking tour of Valetta booked at 5.00 pm so I went to bed for two hours this afternoon. Don’t know if this is a completely new bug or the other one lingering on but it feels dreadful and has definitely got worse since the beginning of the week. Getting a lot of ‘looks’ too as if I shouldn’t be out!

Sorry if I don’t comment. Early to bed again tonight!

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