By dreaming

Resting up

This is actually a back-blip, as I've been home all day nursing my wounds from my fall yesterday.  My whole left side is bruised and swollen and all my muscles are tight and painful. I do not like this!  Pain killers don't do much, and there are too many spots that need icing.  I'm hoping that I will start to improve tomorrow - the day after a fall is always the most painful, in my experience.  

I took this photo at the Edmonds Library, the same garden that has the white and pink flowers I blipped yesterday.  I stopped there between doctor visits, and I'd forgotten what a really pleasant place it is, quiet and well laid out.  I find that I'd really like to move out of the city and get back to some more green and quiet, but I've looked at rental prices and they are so far outside my ability to pay that it looks pretty hopeless.  And since I would need a walk-in shower and an elevator if not on the first floor, the chances are even slimmer.

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