By Teasel


Another early start, and another busy day.  I had a couple of bits of work that I really wanted to get through today, but only one is done.  Lots of other urgent stuff kept appearing in my in box and had to be dealt with.  At least the urgent things have been done, so hopefully those bits of work wil progress.  Then there was something that I knew nothing about and that I was just one of a copy list.  That generated so much email traffic and I still had nothing to offer, in fact I had to ask what they wanted of me!

I did manage to meet up with a friend at lunchtime.  We worked together about twenty years ago, but don’t see each other very often now, so it was really good to catch up over our sandwiches in the canteen.

The trains were all to pit, and I got home later than I had planned, but at least I managed to get a train, as many were cancelled.  Before the train delay, I had been planning on a run, so I quickly made tea for BB and rushed out for a quick run.  It was so mild – I hadn’t even realised.

The rest of the evening was spent quietly.

As I was about to go to bed, I realised I didn’t have a blip, so  went outside and snapped these in the dark.

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