Capital adventures

By marchmont

Keropok Lekor - Terengganu day 4

It was a very lazy day finishing off a project in the morning then lazing by and in the pool till 5. It was hot and hard to stay out of the sun as the breeze threatened the umbrellas. However, I got some relief in the hammock under the trees.

As promised Budi brought me some of the local delicancy, keropok lekor, fried fish sausage with spicy dip. They don't look much but are yummy (and if had no lunch).

After transferring some photos it was time to go for dinner with my hosts to an great fish restaurant near the airport. The freshwater prawns are rare as they are handfished and the fishermen have to avoid the salt water crocodiles. The Tom yam soup was good too and the mango and sticky rice. This area used to be part of Thailand so the Thai influence is strong.

On the way we stopped to see the supermom rising over the S China Sea, bright orange.

PS - a click on 'nearby' confirms I am the first person to blip from this part of east Malaysia. A trailblazer. It is beautiful, well worth a visit.

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