Capital adventures

By marchmont

Goodbye Alaya Malai

I slept really well, probably due to the fact I didn't have a WiFi code (issued daily) and the internet was NOT 4, 3 or even 2 G.

Leisurely breakfast and farewells and Tony ran me to the airport. I'd been warned not to go to departures till the last moment so had time for some retail therapy. The plane, a Malindo turboprop, was slightly late but I had a good window seat (4 abreast and leather seats, better than AirAsia). There was an interesting article about the health benefits of palm oil - propaganda methinks.

So into Subang by 1. Nice airport. I like small airports and only 30 minutes from home. Back to tidying up and doing online reviews.

It's still hot in KL and the girls are now on holiday. A granny week next week, my penultimate.

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