By hazelh

A bar with a view from the BT Tower

I have travelled down to London for two days of meetings. We're celebrating a decade of UK Research and Innovation's Digital Economy Theme, and planning its future strategy.

Today the 10th anniversary of the programme launch was marked by speeches and a project showcase. The venue for all this activity was the BT Tower. I'm not sure that I have ever before been so excited about a conference location! I blipped the view from beyond the bar at the top of the Tower. It's been a very grey day so mono suits the shot. (The other minor excitement was to be called 'Miss' by one of the staff at the Tower. I count this as flattering for a lady in her late 50s.)

Between the end of today's event and dinner this evening with other delegates I took myself on a walk through Regent's Park to St John's Wood. On my wander up St John's Wood High Street I discovered some very posh charity shops. They were not to my liking at all: I like to root around in the bric-à-brac rather than wade through racks of cast-off designer dresses. I got a little lost on my return trip across the park. This has added to my step count for today.

When walking over the past few days I have been suffering the same severe pain in my right knee that has forced me to give up running. I can live without running (I can cycle instead), but I do need to walk. It's back to the GP for me, methinks. I do hope that I am not on the same route to surgery as walkingMarj and ArcLight...

Exercise today: walking (~18,813 steps).

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