The Trollwife

This Trollwife hopped in my bag in Norway back in 2004. I found her today, backpack packed and ready, preparing to join us on our upcoming trip to Iceland. She was posing in front of some of my paintings of Iceland and acting rather excited. I have told her she’s welcome to join us, you will be seeing more of her and her antics, soon. 

When we go to Ireland in May with memories4me there will be a mouse traveling with us, I think Henry Mouse and The Trollwife  have been secretly chatting and plotting over whatsapp while we were all sleeping.

For the Record,
This day came in with a blustery wind and lashing rain. It's just damp now, but there is talk of a snow shower tomorrow. Our friend BB is arriving tomorrow and our Icelandic trip is soon.

All hands excited, except my actual hands look horrid after Dr. Tang's liquid Nitrogen treatment.

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