Northern Star

By Lifferz

Object d’art ! ?

Last full day for me and the promised sunny weather came briefly but the promised fall in temperature also came, quickly and permanently.

Nice meal out with my folks at lunch in a cheerful, inexpensive large commercial bistro with wipe down surfaces all round, friendly service and a very honest ‘work day’ menu

It was cold walking around the market and I unusually felt very uninspired (so bought no veg or cheese). A trip to the church was visually interesting; fab spire and amazing brutalist glass from the 60s maybe?

A visit to an antiques place was pretty surreal. This is my Mum leafing through some old maps framed nicely by ‘aggressive stoat’ or ‘wicked weasel’ taxidermy, we really didn’t know what it was! Ideas or expert opinions appreciated - it was a nicotine stained white/ cream fur. Could it be Ermine???

I bought 3 bobble necklaces which I intend to refurbish, restring and wear, they won’t be given as gifts as they now hold lovely memories. Dad managed to get a deal for me (saving me 7 euros) which was pretty good.

It’s been such a lovely time and I’m very sad to be returning home on a short flight to Southampton tomorrow.

Tonight I ate lots of sweet French things, drank lots of red wine and had a fabulous hot chocolate. We watched a couple of episodes of ‘Kath and Kim’ season 2 (2002 I think!) which was funny and played a fun game which caused lots of laughter.

Went to bed to a lovely fire in my room

Have to be up before 9am (holiday urrrgghhhh) to pack. Until we meet again .. .

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