At night

I woke up early, as you do when you have a long and exhausting day in front of you, and you really should be getting some sleep....

Early doors, we dropped our stuff at the hotel, and to our surprise they already had a room for us. I headed off and mastered the Tampere bus system to find my way to Varala, which is on the other lake (Pyhäjärivi). We had lovely lake views from our meeting room, and our exchanges - skillfully facilitated by a professional facilitator - were equally inspiring. We also saw quite a bit of weather. Grey in the morning, then sunny, and then some snow showers in the afternoon. A colleague drove some of us back into town, before we went for a drink, then dinner at Tammela on the rapids, before a last drink for some of us (by this time including Mr A) in the Lapland Hotel bar. By that stage, we were so giddy with tiredness, good food and wine that there may have been a bout of good-natured arm-wrestling involving a couple of middle aged women who should know better.... This was the second "facilitated" awayday I've been to in a couple of weeks, and both have been excellent and have really helped me understand my role in the respective organisations as well as instilling a strong sense of common purpose.

My blip is a handheld longish exposure (resting on the railings along the water) by the rapids.

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