Capital adventures

By marchmont


Home alone this morning so I went to Jaya for some bread and then an hour swimming in and lying beside the pool. When Gordon brought the girls home we did some more bubbles and then went to the little pool. The visit was curtailed when Amelia's armband finally split and she had to have the ring which caused Olivia to grump. We were still there over an hour.

Then back to Jaya to get something for tonight. Olivia was really whiney about her scooter and she is now refusing to get in the lift. Sigh!

Amelia crashed when we got back and Olivia and I almost did. I'm watching the Netflix series 'Julie's Greenroom', pre school, with Julie Andrews. It's very good.

Just before dinner (pizza) the balcony doors had to be be shut as they were fogging. It's to kill the aedes mosquito that spreads dengue fever and also the zica virus. Dengue is endemic here. The mosquitos are around at dawn and dusk and love stagnant water. When I first came here nearly 8 years ago they hardly ever fogged, now it's about once a fortnight. Horrible mix of diesel and insecticide, and it stinks.

Gordon and Wen Hui won't be back till late. I'm in charge and trying to navigate between the two of them about what we do tomorrow, or on another day, for Gordon's birthday.

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