An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


I woke up just before 5am but wasn't sure what had woken me, so I lay still for a few moments and then I heard it...the distinct coo of the Cushy-doo :-) 

Their unique song makes me smile whenever I hear it, as thanks to Kate's wonderful album Aerial, and in particular the second suite of songs which features their call, I will be forever convinced they are singing A sky of honey...a sea of honey...

The first time in the year where I hear them in the early morning, I know spring is on its way.  We've had a breeding pair in the garden since we moved here (I assume it's the same pair but probably not) and I love them.  They are so funny.  They sit on the roof and coo down the chimney pot!  :-))

So that was a lovely start to the day :-))

A fairly uneventful day where I mostly pottered but a few things of significance got done.  I also finally have a new hairdryer after mine died earlier in the week.  The one I ordered from Amazon came with a 2 pin plug!  Useless!  It all came good in the end though as I discovered there was an updated version of it and it was available to collect immediately from Argos in Stirling.  This proved very fortuitous as David was on his way to Stirling to collect Alan's car from the garage after its service, so he made a slight detour and picked it up for me.

So, tomorrow I shall be mainly bouffant!!!  ;-)))

PS D bought me more tulips.  Brace yourselves! :D 

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