Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The Langdales with early Light

Just home after a difficult return journey.  Sadly there was a bad accident on the M6 that necessitated the closure of the motorway for a long period in the morning.  I'd already started my homeward journey so I quickly changed plans to delay the trip and find a way around the congestion.

I'd started the day early, looking out the window to see fog eddying past the hotel.  No second offers required I was up and out within 10 minutes deciding to head up to Blea Tarn.  Imagine my frustration that as I went further up Little Langdale, the fog thinned and disappeared.  In the end I drove straight past the tarn, before going through the cattle grid to start my descent into Great Langdale.

Despite going downhill I hit the breaks hard as I watched a bank of fog roll up the valley, like a great ship sliding into a harbour.  I stopped and jumped out, looking for a suitable vantage point.  In the end I took quite a few shots as the fog thickened then dispersed as the temperature increased.  

I kept noticing a slight warmth to the clouds wrapped around the Langdale Pikes.  This developed until I could see the summits off and on as the cloud eddied around the mountains.  Then this appeared!  I'm not quite sure why it should look as it does, the sun was rising out of picture to the right of the scene.  My only assumption is that the clouds had formed to allow a direct shaft of early light onto the peaks and the clouds.

Still who am I to complain!

Then it was back to the hotel for breakfast, followed by a slow return home, via Morecambe bay.

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