By SweetArt

Silvermine Bay

In Mui Wo.

Met Martin in Mui Wo for lunch after his hike. We walked along the Promenade and appreciated the last of the cool weather.

Then lunch, and a walk about the town where we bumped into Merrilee and Steve and had another bit of a wander around. Found a little Aladdin’s cave sort of shop and found something I can use for my party.

Back in DB and Ben and I spray-painted a few bottles with gold paint for a feature I want to have at the party. Getting all the pieces together has been very exciting. We’re pleased with the result.

Had a lovely dinner and then settled for a movie and observed earth hour (lights out for a whole hour) at 7:30pm. The bridges in HK had their lights off as did the IFC and ICC and I’m sure a lot more around HK.

P.S. Scottish blippers ... pls see the extra! I couldn’t believe it when I saw them!!!! The owner of the cafe said he imported thfem from Scotland only in the winter. They melt here in the summer! Needless to say, I bought one :) and enjoyed it immensely.

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